Tryouts - Own It

For parents and players tryouts are stressful. Parents worry that their child will not be on the "right team" at the "right club" with the "right coach". They want the best for their child and sometimes forget that whatever the outcome of tryouts, there will be lessons learned.

Far too many times, the "right coach" turns out to be the "wrong coach". The team that didn't seem to fit the best actually works out. There's no predicting the future. There's no crystal ball, no rune, no perfect answer. The thing to remember is that whatever the team or club or coach, there is something to be gained.

The parent's job is to take the outcome and let her child know how proud she is of her. No matter the outcome, don't complain to your child or in front or your child. Kids are adaptable and in most cases will make the best of the situation they are in. Be the support your child needs to learn to cope with success and disappointment. Yes, there's coping on both sides.

Success can bring entitlement if it's not monitored. It can bring on bullying of others if not controlled. It can turn a fabulous kid into a coach's nightmare. On the other hand, disappointment can shake a kid to the core without parental support. That doesn't mean finding a new team, it means finding the good in whatever the outcome, because there is always a positive to be taken away.

So parents, own the tryouts as far as being a supportive parent who will adapt to the outcome. Your child should own her own tryouts, and she will when she knows you have her back.