Control Your Controllables by April Hanrath

There are so many things as a parent you want to do for your child. You want them to have the best childhood ever, you want their teenage years to go by without too much angst. You want their lives to be perfect. You want to protect them. And in all this you forget that you can only control what you can control You can't control the sting of harsh words, the pains of growing, or how other people perceive your child. 

In soccer you want your child to have the best experience. You choose the right club, the right coach the right team and when the fairy tale doesn't live up to your dreams you're in shock. You look for someone to blame, it really doesn't matter who but someone needs to take the fall.

The truth is nothing in life ever goes the way you plan it. You can't control those things outside of your control. This is a life lesson that your child is fortunate enough to learn early. He is looking to you to teach him how to navigate the choppy waters of life. He is looking to see how you respond to life's imperfections. You are teaching your child by your actions and your words.

In the game of soccer, as a parent, there is not much you can control. But you have the ultimate control in terms of what your child learns. Soccer isn't the only thing in your child's life. Take a breath and understand that soccer is a game that teaches life lessons. In the long run,, it really doesn't matter if your child's team wins one particular game. It does matter what you do in times of "adversity". Do you blame the refs for a bad game? Do you blame the coach for poor coaching? Do you blame the team for not working hard enough? 

In the end it doesn't matter who's to blame, what matters is how you respond. Take time to remember it's a game and relax. Control yourself and by doing that your child will learn from you.