Control Your Controllables by Sara Cowley

I have really been pondering about a quote lately, and most recently how it applies to the game of soccer. I thought it was applicable to the post this week about Controlling your controllables. Here'e the quote

" The Key to happiness is letting each situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be. " 

I love that message, and I will be the first to add, it is easier said than done, and it takes practice. To be able to progress as a player, coach or to improve on any aspect or skill you wish to acquire; you have to first accept where you currently are on the path of mastering or reaching your desired outcome. Once you own that, wherever on the scale that lands, then a plan can be made to work, learn and grow and progress can be made, and thus a feeling of happiness will follow. At times we get ahead of ourselves, want success to quickly or are being to critical of ourselves or others, and are just not accepting the situation as it is and being patient on the journey.

I have worked with young athletes for many years now on a soccer field, and I have seen a trend in those players that rise to the top of the competition. They have similar traits, not to name them all here, but just focusing on a few that apply the most the this weeks topic. Those who rise to the top, simply don't waste their energy worrying about things they can't control. They show up each day to practice and games and put in a good honest effort, they don't make excuses when they are not perfect, they listen more than they talk, and they don't waste time yelling at refs, who has ever got a ref to change a call anyway? Come on! They don't criticize teammates, or seek to find blame when things don't go as planned. They respect the coach and the decisions made, and you never hear these players talk negatively about a coaches decision about how much or how little players play or played in games, or, why this or that player was in or not in, and they try to make the most out of every situation.  You may be visualizing a certain person or player right now as you read that description, the game, and the actually, if you ask me, the world, needs more players and people like that!  The main theme here is that they don't spend to much time worrying about things they can't control, like referee calls, coaching decisions, other players decisions on the field, the weather or field conditions. They just keep playing and doing their best anyway, and more often then not they come out on top. 

The good news is, everyone can work on fixing the way you deal with situations and fix your thinking so you don't spend to much time on things you can't control, and focus more on what you can control. Trust me, doing this will only increase your performance and you will feel more happiness on and off the field.