Take a Leap of Faith Sara Cowley

Taking the leap of faith and having the courage to put yourself out there can be a but scary, but on the other side of the coin, it can present a great opportunity for growth and refinement. I believe there is great power in faith. and even more powerful is when that faith moves you into action. Faith can move people to do amazing things, to be better and to make a difference. One example that comes to mind that is soccer related, is when a player is asked to play by a coach to play/try to learn a new position. To the player, it may seem scary and cause some nerves, self-doubt and make you think about all the reasons you can't do it.  Clearly, if the coach is asking you to try a new position, they see something,a certain skill or quality that the player demonstrates that would enable them to have success in that new role, and raise the level of the individual and the team.  

Have Faith in your coaches insight, and have faith in your abilities. You won't be perfect at first, but as you put your faith in to action, work on it, stay positive with yourself and the situation, you will see after some time that you can do it!! Remember, Faith and Doubt cannot exist at the same time, so chose to kick those doubts out and move forward with faith!!!