Impossible is Nothing Sara Cowley

Many year ago ago a popular brand released a new advertising campaign, "Impossible is Nothing." was showing up on billboards and on TV, and other media outlets. Usually I am not a person who gets to caught up in media and advertising catch phrases, but this one stuck with me. I purchased a new pair of cleats and got a free little plaque with this phrase on it. It gave me a new perspective and I liked the feeling I had when I thought this way and approached specifically soccer with this attitude in mind. I played with a more determined and positive mindset and even though things didn't always go my way I knew that my dreams were still possible, If I believed in them. That was the key right there, what I believed and what that belief motivated me to do and act on helped guide my path and give me the internal strength to handle all the things that came my way. On the soccer field that was a myriad of "try-out" type environment; at various levels and intensities; various  High School  Sports, Club soccer, ODP State level, Region Camp, Region team selections, College recruiting, just to list a few off the top of my head.  As a player, having the belief and playing like "Impossible is Nothing" gave me the drive I needed to go after it, play hard, and let things work out how they will, knowing I left it all out on the field and didn't hold back because of some reasons that were only in my head, and not reality. So players, I challenge you to play and train like Nothing is Impossible, cause if YOU believe it and are willing to act on that belief, then truly, " Impossible is NOTHING!"