My Coach has Favorites From a Parent's Perspective

Do coaches have favorites? Absolutely. From a parent’s perspective this is either good or bad depending upon where your child is in the hierarchy. When you child is the favorite every thing is great. When they’re not, well then, somebody’s to blame. As a parent you want your child to be in the best environment and being a favorite is perfect. When that doesn’t happen, it seems that it’s a knee jerk reaction to find someone to blame, as long as that someone isn’t your child or you.

Being out of youth soccer for a few years, it’s much clearer to me. There’s times when your child is the favorite and times when they’re not. It’s a parent’s responsibility to help you child navigate those waters. It’s not your responsibility to blame or try to fix the situation. Honestly parental help in this regard is anything but helpful. Just ask me!

It all comes down to doing the best with what you have. It doesn’t mean your child shouldn’t strive to become a favorite. Hard work, consistency in training and at games, as well as a good attitude toward the team and the coach goes a long way.

It won’t always be perfect but nothing in life ever is.