The Sixth Commandment for Soccer Parents: DO NOT Speak Ill of Any Player

NEVER under any circumstances speak ill of another player. When talking to Collegiate and Professional players about what they wish their parent's hadn't done, universally they mentioned speaking ill of another player. They said it made them feel as though they weren't good enough and their parent had to diminish another to raise them. Think about that for a minute. When you speak ill of another player, you are actually diminishing your child. You are telling your child that she just isn't good enough. Next time, you start to say something, stop and say instead, I'm so happy I got to watch you play. That will make your child feel great because she pleased you.

NEVER blame any player for a team’s loss. There's never one player to blame. Soccer is a team sport and the truth is you win as a team and you lose as a team. Teamwork is tough. Team chemistry even harder. When you blame one child, then you are responsible for dismantling all the work the team has done. Losses are tough. Be there for your child. She doesn't need you to give her an excuse. she just wants her parent to be there. There's going to be times when you child feels like it was her fault, Tell her it is a team sport and that there is another game coming up. Then move on with your life!

You don’t want others talking badly about your child, so be respectful towards all the players and teach your child by example. Remember your words and actions will have a profound impact on your child. And by the way, your child is not a professional player so don't treat them like one.