Third Commandment for Soccer Parents: Believe in Your Child

It’s easy for parents in the world of youth competition soccer to become part of the group who is constantly finding fault with the coach, with the players, with the referees, with other parents, with everything but themselves. Somehow this group and everyone in it, has forgotten that soccer is a game and it is played by children.

Believe in your child. Believe she is playing as hard as she can. Believe she is working hard. Believe she is doing her best. Believe she is having fun. Kids want to do their best. They don't go into a competition saying, "I think I want to lose today". That's not in their realm of thought. They go in, they compete to the best of their ability at that point in time, and then they look to you for support. No one plays great at every game. There are up days and down days, but everyday is a chance for the player to learn, to be supported by you regardless of the type of game she played. Don't analyze, don't ask them for their version of the game. Just let her talk when she chooses to talk. You didn't play the game, she did.

If you feel the need to overanalyze each game, then start playing yourself. Film yourself, critique yourself, let others critique your play and see how that feels. You're an adult and I doubt that you would have much fun knowing that in the end all your mistakes would be highlighted. Imagine how a child feels when every move they made, every goal they missed, is critiqued by you. 

Believe and when you do, you will find that you are not part of the group who complains, you will be your child’s greatest cheerleader and support.

Just Believe.