Beginning April 23rd there's a Daily Blog

Beginning April 23rd the blog will focus on a weekly topic from the viewpoint of EDA, our coaches, and our players. Every day a new post on the same subject, with a different twist.

But in the meantime: here's a bit of reading for you to think about. The blog will be updated every 2-3 days until April 23rd.

The Ten Commandments for Soccer Parents

There are Ten Commandments for every parent whose child plays soccer. They break down into 5 DOs and 5 DONT's


1.  DO Be Loyal to your child                        

2.  DO Find the coach who is best for your child

3.  DO Believe in your child 

4.  DO Support your child in her dreams

5.  DO Encourage your child to be a great person


1.  DO NOT Speak ill of ANY player

2.  DO NOT Time your child's minutes in a game

3.  DO NOT say anything or do anything you wouldn't say or do in front of your mother or your religious leader

4.  DO NOT Allow ANYONE to bully your child, be it a coach, another parent or a player

5.  DO NOT Abdicate your role as a parent to be a half-ass coach


You love your child, that goes without saying. It is your job as a parent to be loyal to your child first and always. There will be coaches, teams, and clubs that demand you be loyal to them. Don't be if it is demanded. Loyalty is earned.  First, be loyal to your child and what is best for him or her. 

You have to realize that your child is one of hundreds of players in a club. In all probability there are dozens of kids who could replace your child. I know you don't want to hear that but it's the truth.  Unless your child is a "Game Changer or Impact Player",  in the eyes of his coach, your child is replaceable. You don't have to ask, believe me the coach will tell you if he feels your child is one of this elite group. Less than .01% of all players  are Game Changers or Impact Players, so go with the numbers here and believe that  your child is great but may not be one of a minuscule group.

Your child is the best to you and should be. Your child should feel as though they are capable of everything and anything and that is right. The only way that your child will have fun and be successful in competition soccer is if you are loyal to him or her.

That doesn't mean you should hop around from team to team because you are not happy. It means that you should teach your child some important lessons. Number One, FINISH WHAT YOU START.  In 99% of the situations, your child will learn something from having a coach or being on a team that isn't what you think you want. It is important that you finish the year with the team you start with for two reasons. First, don't teach your child that quitting is an option because it is not, Not in soccer and not in life.  Number Two, BE A TEAM PLAYER. Throughout life your child will be on some type of team, be it work, friends, whatever. It is important for his development that he learn how to be a part of a team and know that sacrifice and deferring to the good of the team will happen.

There is one exception to the above. If your child is in a toxic situation or being abused by a coach, then leave immediately. 

We will go on to the Second Commandment this week