EDA  philosophy encompasses two major ideals:

  1. Strength & conditioning work must be informed by the game.  If it doesn't specifically improve some aspect of an individual's performance on the field, it won't be seen here.
  2. Athletes must be given the tools to take ownership of their own training process from warm-up to cool-down. There is no cookie cutter answer to elite soccer performance, but the more each athlete learns to understand their own development, the better the chance for their long term success.

Bryan accommodates training to any range of age group or individual need. We would love to get to know you and/or your child and work together to find that competitive edge!


An initial consultation with Bryan includes an evaluation of the player and a thirty-day program for the player to do on his own. During this first meeting Bryan will talk to the athlete about goals and then teach the athlete each specific exercise in the 30-day plan. One month builds to the following month.

Players are welcome to ask reasonable questions via email at no additional cost. If another session is requested during the 30 day period the cost is $45 for the session.

Cost: $225.00

including the initial consultation.


GK Specific SPEED & AGILITY both Individual & group

EDA Offers GKS specific Speed and Agility Classes. This is the only specific GK Speed and Agility class for the youth soccer player in the area. The class focuses on


Speed and agility for teams is available. Price determined by location and number of sessions requested.


Speed and Agility is available on a club wise basis, We will customize the program to your needs.


For those players wanting soccer specific speed, agility and strength training, The class is meant for Field Players and it is very soccer specific and “on the ball”. The “Why” of what is being taught is part of the curriculum. EDA offers speed and agility classes. These classes follow the EDA guideline of 12 maximum players in a class.

Cost: $187.50 for four 1.5 hour sessions