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EDA started as a place for the youth player to learn in an environment that was challenging and fun. It was built around the needs of the youth player. Kids need to be able to play for the joy it brings, not to impress coaches or please parents. Soccer is a game that should bring life long enjoyment but so many kids get burned out from a system that meant more for adults than for kids. We believe that soccer is part of a kid’s life but not the only part. It is our hope that the kids who train at EDA are well-rounded people who love a game that brings them joy.

We work super hard and we learn a ton, and we still have fun while doing it.
— 12 Year-Old Player

Kids should play because it is fun and because they want to play. At EDA the bar is set high and the kids respond. EDA is about being challenged and finding the feeling of success comes from within.

EDA has lit a fire in my children. Their drive to do better is from within. I did not tell my children’s coaches they were doing extra training, and all three coaches commented on their drive. They love being pushed and they see a result in their play.
— EDA Parent

We hope that every child who comes to EDA will love the game as much as we do and feel the success that hard work brings.