Own Your Game

Player Expectations

  • Show Respect to yourself, other players, trainers, mentors and the game
  • We have a three strike your out policy and it’s all about respect. If the EDA manager comes out on the field concerning disrespectful behavior that’s one strike. If the EDA manager comes out a second time, the offending player will be asked to sit in the waiting area, the second strike. If the EDA manager comes out a third time for any player, the player will be asked to not return and any tuition paid for the month is forfeited; the third strike.
  • Come dressed and ready to play. Wear EDA training top
  • Give it your all every time you step on the pitch
  • Never shoot a ball at someone who has his back turned
  • Be willing to learn and try new things
  • Help put equipment away and take care of equipment
  • Have FUN


  • Payment can be made in cash or check
  • Tuition is $125 per month for four one-hour training sessions. Or $187.50 per month for four one-and a half hour training sessions
  • Payment is due at the first training session of the month
  • There is no pro-rating the month.
  • One make-up session is offered monthly with advanced registration for the session required
  • All payments must be received before being enrolled in any clinic
  • Payment is required prior to any special event
  • Payment  can be made by credit card with a convenience fee​

Parent Expectations

  •  EDA is a player centric facility meaning it is built around the needs of the player
  • Parents are welcome to observe quietly from the waiting area
  • Parents ARE NOT ALLOWED on the pitch A parent will be asked to return to the waiting area if on the pitch. If they do not leave the pitch he will be asked to leave.
  • Parents are encouraged to give positive support to their child after training
  • Parents are expected to show respect to everyone in the facility and to the game.
  • Parents are expected to make payment at the first session of the month

Our Program


The “Elite” membership is for the player looking to gain a significant advantage in taking his or her game to the next level by training twice per month with the EDA training staff and twice with their mentor in a private training setting. With only 10 players per group, the player gets hands on training advantage that is unprecedented.

Additional training sessions with EDA Staff and/or EDA Mentors is available for an additional cost. What you get…

  • Two Monthly Training sessions with Mentor
  • Two Monthly Training Sessions with Staff Trainer
  • Significant Training Advantage
  • Monthly Personal Feedback from Mentor
  • Admission to any EDA Event


  • We reserve the right to place a player into our choice of classes. If special arrangements need to be made please speak to EDA manager
  • We will open new classes when we have a group of six players
  • We reserve the right to cancel classes if the enrollment drops below six players
  • Classes are limited to 12 players maximum
  • Clinics vary from 10-16 players depending on mentors preferences

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