From Brynlee's Proud Parents:

Brynlee is a very unique young woman.  She was diagnosed with Autism at a very young age but this has not slowed her down one bit.  Brynlee has excelled at all sports that she has tried but soccer is where her heart is.  Brynlee has been playing soccer since she was 4 years of age and comp soccer since she was 8.  Through stubborn determination and hard work, she has progressed tremendously and is a key player on her U14 D1 team.

Brynlee is primarily a winger but is one of those players that her Coach counts on to fill in at the center forward and attacking mid position.  We brought Brynlee to April and EDA to get her ready for High School level competition.  She has only been going a few months now at EDA but we [her parents] and her Coach have seen changes in her on filed game play.  She plays at a different level of confidence, determination, and skill set.  Thank you to April, all of her mentors, and the other young men and women she trains with at EDA Soccer.

Player Spotlight - Brynlee

Brynlee is a key player in every class she takes. Her work ethic and ability to push herself makes her a game changer. Everyone around her is inspired and the dynamics of the class raise a level when Brynlee is there. She never gives up and is eager to learn and use what she has learned. She scored off a diving header, the first ever on her team! She's a quiet young lady with the heart of a lion.

We are thankful Brynlee chooses to train at EDA. Over the past few months it has become apparent that Brynlee will achieve anything she chooses. We love having her as part of our family!

Congrats Brynlee on a job well done. We can't wait to see what you will accomplish next!

A Word from Brynlee's Mentors:
From Tony Beltran:  It has been a pleasure training Brynlee. She comes to class ready to train hard and gives everything she has every single training. Brynlee's possibilities are endless.

From Phanuel Kavita:  
Brynlee is such a hard worker. She pushes herself to be the best she can be. She's an amazing young woman.

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