The “Elite” membership is for the player looking to gain a significant advantage in taking his or her game to the next level by training twice per month with the EDA training staff and twice with their mentor in a private training setting. With only 10 players per group, the player gets hands on training advantage that is unprecedented.  Read More...

Why a mentor?There is a fundamental difference between coaching and mentoring: a coach is driven by a specific task or focus. A mentor is concerned with the development of a player. A mentor’s influence on a player both physically and mentally is invaluable. A mentor is there for the player regardless of whether or not the player had a good or bad game. A mentor is focused on the long term development and the increase of self-confidence.

Our Focus

Own Your Game

The athlete is supported by someone who has “been there before”. This mentor/player relationship will not only increase a player’s performance on the field but will also give a new-found confidence in life. With EDA’s program we bring the best of both mentoring and coaching to the player. In the world of elite athletics there are some common themes.

  • Love the sport you play
  • Learn everything you can about the sport you play
  • Play with joy
  • Take ownership

These themes are the focus of player development at EDA. Our creative and engaging program will bring out the best in every player.

EDA is about the player.At EDA only the players, mentors and trainers are allowed to be on the field. 

Parents and spectators are welcome to watch the training session from the glass enclosed waiting room but are prohibited from entering the player’s area.


When a player knows they “OWN” the pitch it gives them the freedom to learn new things and take chances. At EDA we make learning fun and guide our players through any frustration they may feel as they master new skills.

The EDA Philosophy is to have the best in tactical, technical, physical, and mental training so every player reaches his or her true potential.

Own Your Game

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